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Copy of Hot Hatchback Guy


Copy of Hot Hatchback Guy

HOt Hatchback Guy



AGE: 27

Internal fear:

Lack of freedom, control, or mobility. Loss of individualism.


Taylor is a blue collar worker primarily in the automobile industry or…? He has a do-it-yourself attitude and a more transient lifestyle with less permanent fixtures. This results in value shopping and fast food cravings. His general interests are around technology (gaming, virtual reality, entertainment (android, iphone, speakers, personalized gear), music (hip hop influences)) and trends. He values the next “new thing”  but also has a large appreciation for adventure and the outdoors. He enjoys following the news especially as it relates to celebrities and sports. He comes across as cool, calm and collected despite being easily distracted. He may lean towards rule breaking with an emphasis on the end justifying the means. This may be because he desires to get and maintain the attention of others. He values performance, quality, and mastery of specialized skills. He probably calls fellow peers “man” as a social gesture of respect.


Because he has a modest income, he will strive for a more piece-by-piece approach to his ride. He would rather spend 40k on a tricked out Subaru than on a luxury standard car.



To effectively communicate a message:


Free-up enough to be engaging and optimistic in your conversations.

Be candid, open, and patient.

Provide testimonials from people seen as important and prominent.

Join in with some name-dropping, talk positively about people and their goals


Let's get to know him
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rimdoc Brand pillars: Hot Hatchback Guy Lens

Great company culture

Overview: Dare to be different, find ways to positively express yourself, align with others to push to be great, always express your differences - they are what make you unique, empathy: appreciate a good looking ride, "Down To Ride" - cool to hang with the guys - We hang where you hang.

Beats: Shop life, Teammate interviews, Riding Videos (Music Vid/Cool lifestyle takes)

Booms: Articles about Rim Doc (Apex et. al.) 

Associated events: 

High quality product

Overview: We have repaired 10s of 1000s of rims, state of the art facility

Beats: Wheel Crawl, "What is Powder Coating?"/Learning Articles,

Booms: Sweet Cars, Unique Wheels or finishes, Driver with their Ride, 

Associated events: 

Custom Coatings

Overview: Full Service Powder Coat services, Thousands of custom colors and finishes, Allow your individual style to come to the forefront. 

Beats: Wheel Crawl, Custom Wheels/Parts, Inside Vs Outside color display


Associated events: Car Shows

Industry insider - culture curator

Overview: We are elite - we are on the inside. We curate a creative and inspiring visual culture that relates back to the philosophy of our company. We know the cool spots and connect with others who share our passion.

Beats: Philosophical Visual Engagement, Paul J Daly Content. Use of stories to engage mini "interview" set ups.

Booms: Influencers, Reinvention Podcast Drop, Other Aligned companies, Doctor Rim*, Pothole Map Guides*

Associated events: Reinvention Podcast, Street Scene Event



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Mood Board/Existing Posts


Mood Board/Existing Posts


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Strategy and plan



- Maxiumum 1 Post Per Day

- 4-7 Posts Per Week: It is more important to have engaging and relevant content than it is to have a higher volume. In an over saturated environment, social media users also seek solace from “marketing.”

- If starting from zero - More frequent posts per day to front-load content onto platforms. Alternatively all content can be loaded onto platform in one sitting. Creates the illusion of a longer history with social media. Also gives something for the audience to connect to. This is to be done before any engagement is to occur. Once activity begins, this preexisting content base will elevate the content-richness of the particular platform.

 Inside/Outside Concept

– When narrowing down audiences, the reach strategy is extremely important and will be the difference between efficiency and wasted time.

Take a movie producer for example: Before a movie is made, funds must be raised. It is the responsibility of the producer to create meetings with donors and have targeted content to persuade members to give funds. This content is going to look a lot different than the contented generated for the public announcing the movie premier.

The Inside strategy looks different than the Outside. We will need to identify which audiences are inside and which are outside so that we are not making a pitch deck to draw a crowd for a movie premier.



- hashtag communities

o Main account hashtags: #rimdoc

o Audience hashtags (to be used in rotation and updated via research frequently): #tigweld #wheelrefinishing #wheels #wheelrepair #wheelrefurb #rims #rimrepair #powdercoat #powdercoating #customwheels #custompaint #bodyshop #newyork #albany #syracuseny #ppg#cx #customerservice #smallbusiness #scranton #allentown #lehighvalley #motorcycle #gratitude #tigweld #upstateny #cuse #315 #racingwheel #prismaticpowder #prismaticcolors #wheel #wheelrepair #customcolor #custompowder #coldwhite #syracuseny #dtsyr #roc #lehigh #philly #gratitude #rimrepair #custompaint #powdercoat #powdercoating #apexmag #syracuseu #cusenation #315 #is250 #fsport #liveauthentic #adventureisoutthere #frontendfriday



- Balanced content between photos/videos, graphic design text, beats and booms. See specific schedule for mor

- Color scheme reliant to keep brand vision alive and connective. Design

Elements (frames, fonts, colors, spacing etc.) consistent and present in some form in each post

- Each post will have the appropriate community hashtags. Main and audience. This will also be front-loaded so as to build a larger audience rapidly and then will cut back once launched to preserve class and create an inviting non-desperate atmosphere for the consumer.


Linked accounts

- instagram

- facebook

- youtube

- vimeo

- twitter

- snapchat

- Influencers – relevant to brand? How will they function? Shoutouts, reviews, mentions, good vibes etc.

- Paid Advertisements on platforms and also as ad space on other social platforms

- Thoughts: different platforms have different audiences. For example, not as many millennials use facebook and prefer instagram or snapchat. However more established donors tend to be in the demographic that prefers facebook. Fortunately Instagram and facebook are so heavily linked, it makes these audiences easier to manage. Likes and comments still remain separate and will need to be managed individually.

Management (Like/account function)

- Anticipate 3-4 hours per platform (heavy where you want to focus most energy)

- Multiple participants on social management team = larger reach

- This time frame will allow for content generation as well as content distribution (marketing). The content generator on the team holds the Art Director title. This team member brands and designs the look and feel of the physical content for all social media platforms and includes the beats and the booms. The marketer role is played by an Analyst and will use the produced content and implement it into a marketing strategy via ads and campaigns, events, and general reach.


In rhythm accounts

o Influencers:

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